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Plant design

In the field of wastewater and drinking water, the company Acque e Chimici is able to design and take care of the construction of plants.


For the treatment of water, both drinking and wastewater, there are different modes of action. For each problem we work out the specific solution more appropriate . 


For example, with pressure filter systems it is possible to remove trace elements (As, Fe, Si, Mn, V), turbidity, taste, odor and color.
Depending on the characteristics of the water to be treated, different types of filtering mass are selected for an effective and complete elimination of unwanted elements.

A filter equipped with synthetic minerals and/or resins allows for example the removal of arsenic, fluorine or other components.


Arsenic filters 

In the treatment of drinking water it is possible to find arsenic values above the norm, generally due to the intrinsic characteristics of the soil. Our company has already dealt with the design and implementation of filters capable of removing arsenic from water up to suitable values. 

Filters with calcium carbonate or dolomite

For the deacidification of water, an alternative to the use of lime is a calcium carbonate or dolomite filter, which allows an increase in alkalinity and therefore of the buffer effect. The system has obvious advantages, since there are no over or underdosing problems (it self-regulates) and does not require the daily presence of an operator.  


Activated carbon filter

A filter filled with granular activated carbon (GAC) and sand, allows the combined removal of a wide spectrum of substances, such as micropollutants, surfactants, pesticides, suspended solids, etc.

Sand filter

If you have problems with water clarity, a filter with selected sand can remove up to 95% of the turbidity and suspended solids.

Pumps for automatic product dosing 

An automated system for dosing various products used daily, such as flocculants, allows time savings and is even more effective. 


Machinery for mechanical dewatering of sludge - Teknofanghi

Acque e Chimici holds the exclusivity for Switzerland on the products and equipment for mechanical dewatering of sludge of the company Teknofanghi Srl. Depending on the characteristics of the inlet sludge and those desired at the outlet, we can select the most suitable models by type and size, reaching up to 90% of dry matter, without emissions and with little maintenance:

  • Belt filter press with thickener - MONOBELT®

  • Automatic screw press - SCRUPRESS®

  • Dynamic drum thickener with Archimedean screw  - SCRUDRAIN®

  • Dewatering system with drainage bags -  TEKNOBAG-DRAIMAD®

  • Compact dewatering plant -                    TEKNOBAG-DRAIMAD® package

  • Polyelectrolyte preparation plant (dosing unit and mixer) - POLYDILUTION®

  • Continuous microfiltration system - SCRUFILTER®


Belt filer press with thickener​ - MONOBELT®

To dewater sludge from medium and large capacity plants, the perfect combination of a belt filter press and a thickener in a single compact unit.

Automatic screw press​ - SCRUPRESS®

Automatic screw press composed of a three-stage inclined drum, a special conical screw and a pneumatic counter-pressure cone. 

Pressa a vite.png

Dynamic drum thickener with Archimedean screw​​ - SCRUDRAIN®

Screw thickeners are installed before filter presses, belt presses, centrifuges and drying beds, to obtain a higher concentration of dry matter before dehydration.

Dewatering system with drainage bags - TEKNOBAG-DRAIMAD®

To dehydrate the sludge coming from small and medium capacity plants. The system allows you to dehydrate, pack and store sludge of any kind.

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Impianto compatto.png

Compact dewatering plant -TEKNOBAG-DRAIMAD® package

Intended for small plants (up to 4000 P.E.), it is a complete and very compact dewatering device, equipped with a bag module, a polymer preparation unit, polymer dosing pump, sludge feed pump, in-line mixer, level probe and control panel . 

Polyelectrolyte preparation plant  - POLYDILUTION®

For the conditioning of sludge with polyelectrolyte, a range of automatic and manual control units for the preparation of the polyelectrolyte are available, starting from the base product in both powder and emulsion.

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Continuous microfiltration system - SCRUFILTER®

Continuous microfiltration system for wastewater, in order to reduce suspended solids and simultaneously decrease COD, BOD5, phosphorus, nitrates and other substances. The filter cloth can be 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 or 100 µm. 

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