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The Acque e Chimici company operates in the field of water treatment, providing both consultancy and sales activities.


The company sells various types of chemical products such as aluminum polychloride, carbonate of lime (CaCO3), hydroxide of lime (Ca(OH)2), activated carbon and hydrogen peroxide.

Acque e Chimici is able to meet specific needs with the supply of chemical and biological materials such as citric acid, freeze-dried bacteria and others upon customer request.

Our customers are wastewater purifiers (municipal and federal plants) and drinking water suppliers in Switzerland, for the most part in Ticino.


Acque e Chimici was founded in 2013 by the surveying of Rinaldo Kaestner Engineering Studio and and just as the firm did in the past, it is involved in plant engineering, selling equipment and spare parts for water treatment and sewage sludge treatment.

Acque e Chimici is a Swiss company based in Ticino. We work with our partners and customers to create a specific solution for their businesses. 


AMB Giubiasco water purification plant

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