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Consulting service

Thanks to the long experience in the wastewater field of Engineer Rinaldo Kaestner and to the numerous specialists with whom Acque e Chimici collaborates, we are able to provide support and advice even in very specific sectors such as the application of freeze-dried bacteria or the analysis of biology.

Counseling on system operation problems

Our company offers consultancy services for water purification plant operators. 

Biology analysis (biological tank)

If you encounter problems in the biological tank due, for example, to the entry of a pollutant or to values that are not suitable for the proper functioning of the microfauna (total load, age of the mud, balance between nutrients, temperature, ...), we are available for a analysis of activated sludge and characterization of the microbial community present. 

Water analysis

We offer a water analysis service, for example on the incoming or outgoing effluent for the limit parameters to be respected in the OPAc and we also take care of the management of samples if more in-depth laboratory analyzes are required (GC-MS screening, surfactants, ...).

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Analysis of plant data and monitoring of the various parameters 

An observation of the values of various plant parameters, such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrites and nitrates, COD, total phosphorus, pH, alkalinity, ... allow you to understand if the plant is working well and where changes need to be made.  


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Consultancy for the research and dosage of new products

Our company takes care, according to your needs, to propose or research new products. In addition, it can carry out laboratory tests to advise you on the best product and the most suitable dosage. 

Practical tests on the effectiveness of the products

To best choose the product that best suits your needs, tests can be carried out, first in the laboratory and then on the plant, of different types of products. This also allows you to find the most efficient dosage. 

Foaming problems

If you have foam problems in the biological tank, at the plant outlet or in the digester for example, we will be happy to offer you our advice to understand the origin of the problem and recommend the best defoamer for you. 

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